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Calcium iodate mixed feed additive

Molecular formula:Ca(IO3)2
Executive standard:Q/370911THW 006-2016
Appearance:Mixed feed additives Calcium Iodate is off-white to hoary color powder
Packaging:25KG/ bag, Quantitative packing by plastic bag inside and woven bag outside
Suggested usage:(Calculated in I, MG/KG), swine 0.1-0.3, poultry 0.05-0.1, ruminant 0.2-0.4, aquatic animal 0.1~0.3
Storage condition:Packaging by bags, and store at the drying storeroom without direct sunlight, avoid packagings from broken, drenched by rain and cross-pollution
Manufacturer :HAVAY


Ca(IO3)2·H2O , % ≥
Content of I, % ≥0.65123.25510
Total arsenic As/ppm, mg/KG ≤5
Pb/ppm, mg/KG≤10
Particle size(80 mesh sieve),%  ≥90
Mixing unififormity, Coefficient of variation(CV)≤5

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